[How to make Orleans spicy marinade?

]_ Practice Daquan _ home practice

[How to make Orleans spicy marinade?
]_ Practice Daquan _ home practice

Orleans marinade is a kind of compound spice. Spices are made from plant seeds and extracts such as flower buds, leaves, roots and other ingredients. They usually have an irritating aroma, thus replacing cooking cuisine.Taste, thereby enhancing people’s appetite, the practice of Orleans spicy marinade is relatively simple and easy to learn, let ‘s take a look next.


How to make Orleans spicy marinade The first step: choose fresh wing or root, pierce a few holes with a needle on the surface or back (to facilitate the marinade); wash.

Stir 70g New Orleans roast chicken marinade and 70g water and pour into 1000g wings or roots and mix well.

(The recommended method is to use a sturdy pocket, seal, and beat it on the table until the juice is absorbed by the meat. The food bag in the supermarket is good).

Step 2: Put the marinated chicken wings in the refrigerator freezer. It is strongly recommended to marinate the chicken wings for 12 to 24 hours. It is best to turn them once or twice during the marinating period.

Step 3: Bake the marinated chicken wings in the oven at 180 ℃?
Heating at 200 ℃ for 15?
After about 20 minutes, bake until the eighth maturity, turn it over and bake for 5 minutes, so that the color of the skin is yellowed and trapped.

You can also use the microwave grill function to bake, the time is controlled at about 10 minutes, the microwave is about 5 minutes high, the front is 3 minutes, and the back is 2 minutes. The specific time needs to be controlled flexibly.


Recommended baking time and method: in the wings: 15?
20 minutes wing root: 20–25 minutes chicken legs: 35?
40 minutes.

If the microwave oven does not have a grill function, you can attach another plate to the plate, the taste is the same.

Many people ask me the question of materials, please refer to the following ratio.

The marinating time is 12-24 hours.


The preparation ratio is as follows: chicken wings 1000g, water (g) marinade (g) 1, Orleans 70702, honey juice 70703, low-spicy 70704, cumin 100405, black pepper 70706, spicy 100507, grapefruit 100 508, curry 100 50.

Cooking method: Take chicken paw as an example. 1) Wash it out, boil it with boiling water for 2 minutes and take it out. 2) Pour the ingredients into the pot.

3) Add chicken paw and cook for 15 minutes, turn off the heat, and add water appropriately. It is better to add salt.

This time can be controlled flexibly. I like to eat some rotten ones, so the cooking time is long, and this way I can eat bone marrow.

4) Soak for half an hour-take it out after 1 hour and eat.

Good with beer.

5) The old soup is frozen in the container and can be used next time, with less salt.