[Bacon Omelette]_ Omelette _ Nutrition Diet _ Making Method

[Bacon Omelette]_ Omelette _ Nutrition Diet _ Making Method

Bacon is a western-style ingredient, smoked from lean meat, salty and fresh with a special smoky aroma, and the meat is bright and attractive, so it is very popular.

Bacon can be used with other ingredients to make a variety of cuisines, including bacon omelette.

The omelet with bacon makes the breakfast no longer monotonous. With milk and a vegetable salad, it can completely meet the nutritional needs of the morning.

Bacon Omelette is a simple and delicious western style skewer made from bacon and eggs.

Ingredients: 200 grams of bacon, 4 eggs, 1/4 teaspoon of salt, and 1/8 teaspoon of pepper.

Bacon is washed and shredded; eggs are washed and beaten into the container.


After the bacon is fragrant, pour into the egg sauce and add the seasoning together.


Run the wok first, add 4 tablespoons of salad oil, heat over medium heat to 140 ° C, add the ingredients from Method 2 and cook on low heat, then add 6 servings with cooked food.

Constraints on consumption of bacon: 1.

People with diarrhea due to spleen and stomach deficiency should not eat more; 2.

2. Elderly, patients with hypertension and fasting;

Patients with acute chronic nephritis should not eat; 4.

Those who have edema, edema or ascites should not eat; 4.

Colds are not healed, hot and humid diarrhea, stagnation is not finished, those with full abdominal distension and duodenal ulcers should not eat.