[How to make bean sprouts in Coke bottles]_ 发 豆芽 _How to do_How to do

[How to make bean sprouts in Coke bottles]_ 发 豆芽 _How to do_How to do

Do you know about sprouts made with cola bottles?

In fact, this is the simplest method, and the bean sprouts you send yourself will be healthier and healthier, so friends who usually like to eat bean sprouts can refer to the tips of bean sprouts in the Coke bottle introduced below.

1. Materials: Mung beans, Coca-Cola plastic bottles (other brands are also acceptable), shade cloth (only opaque) 2. Steps: 1. Soak the mung beans for about 24 hours until the small buds drill out of the mung bean skin and prepare to sprout.
2. Drill a few holes under the bottom of the Coca-Cola bottle, and use small scissors to enlarge the size of the eyes. It is advisable that the green beans just do not drill out (so that the water poured every day will not accumulate in the bottle to ensure the freshness of the green sprouts), Cut off the tapered part of the bottle mouth for ventilation and watering in the bottle.

3, put the soaked mung beans in the bottle, about one-fifth of the height of the bottle, to give the sprouts a space to grow.

4. Cover the bottle with cloth or paper, as long as it is opaque, the light-transmitting bean sprouts will turn red. This is very important. Pay attention.

5, start the first watering, water can naturally flow out from the bottom of the bottle.

6, put a layer of cloth on the bread, it must not be transparent, remember.

7, try to water 3 times a day, early, middle, late, office workers early and late each time can be.

Third, the thick and long bean sprouts produced by this method are: because the bottle is very narrow and there are many beans, so that the bean sprouts are squeezed, and the water is not lost, so that the bean sprouts grow stronger.